Guide To Spring Air Rifles

Spring Air Rifles

How do spring airsoft guns work?

To put it simply, spring powered airsoft guns use a small but powerful coil to create air pressure which in turn projects a BB forward. When the gun is cocked the coil is compressed, allowing a chamber in the gun to fill with air, while at the same time a BB slips into firing position. Once the trigger is pulled the spring is released, this compresses the chamber that was filled with air. There is nowhere for all this air to go but out the barrel, and only a BB stands in its way. The BB is projected out of the barrel at speeds of 200 FPS and up, allowing the compressed air to escape behind it.

When deciding to go with spring powered airsoft guns the most important thing to know is that this type of power is purely mechanical. Meaning that the user must cock the gun before each shot. This is the only way to compress the spring inside of the gun. Because of this some people tend to avoid spring airsoft guns; however, there are some applications where a spring powered gun is more than adequate and at times even desired.

Different types of Spring Airsoft Guns?

Spring guns are generally inexpensive and you’ll found a lot of entry level guns using spring power, making this a great choice for a first gun. However, for the more experienced user there are some great spring powered airsoft guns that powerful, versatile and work exceptionally well. Being that spring air rifles need cocking each time to fire, their use is limited but the following styles of guns make using spring power fun by adding a realistic aspect to shooting.

Many airsoft manufactures make relatively inexpensive spring powered airsoft sniper rifles. Snipers tend to be hidden and far from their targets which means that their rifles need to be powerful and have a higher FPS rate. Many real sniper rifles are bolt action this translate perfectly to a spring action airsoft rifle, allowing a realistic and functional experience for the user.

Another great use of spring power is in airsoft revolvers, where you have a very limited number of rounds and cocking the gun after each shoot is true to using a real revolver.

Airsoft shotguns also tend to be powered by spring. Again this is true to an actual shotgun, where the user must cock the gun before each shot.

Somewhat in the same category as a shotgun is the airsoft grenade launcher. Many launchers are powered by spring, with a few exceptions, depending on the way the launcher is intended to be used. Some airsoft grenade launchers are meant to attach to an assault rifle while others are intended to be used for the sole purpose of grenade mayhem.

How do I maintain my spring powered airsoft guns?

Using springs as a source of power to shot a projectile is very common technology and has been refined over decades. Springs were the initial source of power for airsoft and BB guns. This was for many reasons but mainly because it was simple, only a few solid parts were needed, the products were durable, reliable and needed minimal maintenance if any at all.

This still remains true for lower end spring powered airsoft guns; maintenance is basically zero, and the products are generally very durable. More of a preemptive type care is taken, meaning don’t get your gun wet or really dirty, wipe it down after using it outside, keep your clips clean, these types of common sense rules.

When dealing with expensive air rifles or shotguns a more hands-on approach to maintenance is required. But still nowhere near as involved as say blowback airsoft pistols or some fully automatic electronic airsoft guns. Maintenance will depend heavily on what type of gun you’re using and most guns come with a user’s manual which should be referred to when cleaning or taking apart your gun.

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